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"In dark times – in your hour of need – I shall return to you – that is my path."

These words were known to famous isolationists as the final prophecy left by the Wizard. To others, it was no more than a rumor or a fable told to little children. No one really believed the prophecy, until that night…when the cursed hour arrived; enemies appeared from every crevice of the city. Out of the darkness, bright colors flashed and the ground trembled… and suddenly Wizard appeared, and whispered under his breath:
"Dance, you fools, dance all the way from here to hell… dance, but do not forget to whisper to the dragon along your way that the wizard is back – your time is over."

Expansion pack includes:

• 40 cards to increase your powers

• Fire balls and lightning cards to destroy your enemies

• The Wizard figure

• The Wizard figure

• The Wizard figure One additional player

Please note: this expansion pack cannot be used without the Heropath core game.

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