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It was a winter morning when a group of strangers found themselves in a farmhouse. They were at the beginning of their journey – by the outskirts of the Land of the Dragon. Each stranger had their own personal motives and opinions, but they united in determination to do whatever it takes to slay the dragon that cast fear onto their land…

In this game, players compete in an arms race against each other, and the forces of evil. As the game progresses the forces of evil strengthen, which will take your magic and abilities to their limit.

family game

This game combines a fantasy game with a Eurogame, and combines three different mechanisms:

family game

Description of Each Mechanism:


Card Draft Rotation- the accumulation of power and the ability for players to choose their preferred game approach. A method of shuffling the cards between all the players before the game begins, to allow every player to collect their preferred tools and methods for their playing style.


Fog of War- similar to Warcraft's FOW where thick, black fog (grey areas) covers the playing board. In Heropath the fog hides the places and enemies that have yet to be discovered, and will clear up as the game advances.


Scale of Evil - while you are gathering more power so are the other players, who are playing against you. But it isn't only the other players that you are playing against… you are also playing against the game itself! It is important to strategically plan each move and manage your resources effectively, because who knows…you may miss the station where the weak dragon is, because you were too afraid to enter, and then you will be defeated.

family game
family game

Heropath has more to offer than just those three mechanisms… Heropath also offers various interactive options throughout the game, including:

• Trading between heroes
• Stealing from other heroes
• Causing direct and indirect damage to other players by using accessories and magic
• Trapping and placing others into the Goblin Prison

With all the interactivity and different playing mechanisms players are unaware that the game is simultaneously causing conflict and damage to the players, to ultimately defeat them in their own playing method.

The best piece of advice is: be smart enough to improvise with new strategies, because who knows… your initial strategy may not be enough to win the game.

family game
family game

This is Heropath, overall requiring resource management and strategic movement planning... providing adventure and satisfaction when fighting against evil.

Designer’s quote: “This game, like in real life, was created while merging the aspects of good and bad luck, which befall a man in his life despite his attempt to contain order and logic in a campaign, or in fact, how one can take inequality or a lack of fortune, and leverage it down a new path – which is also more favorable to begin with.”

If you can strategically plan your actions better than the other players, than you may have what it takes to succeed in the final heroic battle.

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