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A fantasy board game where heroes venture through an unknown land, discovering new places, fighting monsters and gaining: power, skills, gold, arms and resources.

This game combines everything you love about D&D games such as: magic, skills, XP, levels, combat and resource management. This combination provides players with an original and advanced level of gaming.

Heropath requires more than just war tactics; you will need to strategically plan each move. With each move players will need to reach new places, engage in proper forms of combat, and gain both skills and resources.

family game
family game

This board game offers a great way to strengthen your character's abilities, arms, fortunes, magic, and market by using a deck-building mechanism, similar to that of Magic and Dominion.

As the players become stronger the game will become more challenging.

Dynamic map – giving a different experience every time you play the game! Destinations and locations change after every game, providing a more stimulating and dynamic experience. Players tactfully decide where to move their characters. As you progress through the map you will be exposed to more places. By taking chances, you will be dive into the depths of the game.

family game
family game

Morality – Being good or bad in this game is entirely in your hands, and you can change your mind to suit your best interest. Winning may require you to be good, bad, or maybe even both.

The Dragon – The secret is out… there’s a dragon in this game. Since counting points ruins the fun, this game merely focuses on progress. The best hero will attempt to slay the dragon, and if he fails another hero will get a chance.

Force of Evil – In this game, you are not only playing against other players, but also against the game itself. Players will have to be aware of changes happening throughout the game. As the game progresses the enemies will strengthen and become more vicious. Players should kill them while they're weak, but sometimes players are too focused on other things...

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We have been working on this board game over than 3 years. After playing more than 500 other board games, we picked only the best features and incorporated them into Heropath. One of the game’s selling points is its ability to generate a different playing arena each time. This opens up a vast variety of possibilities and new strategies for the players.

family game

How did we create the best board game that makes you want to play it over and over again? We took all the positive gaming elements and channeled them into one fantasy board game. But, we didn't stop there… We also added managing and collecting resources. Heropath provides new challenges and new gaming possibilities that will transform this game; into a game you can't stop playing.

family game
family game

In the classic version of Heropath, the players are opponents competing against each other in order to become the most powerful hero who defeats the Dragon and wins the game. In addition, the rulebook offers you many modes of play so players can choose and combine different modes and create a custom version of the game to introduce variety.

Just a few of the play modes:

• Solo mode
• Co-op mode
• level of difficulty: classic, expert, inferno
• Game styles: Conservative (Classic), Adventurous, Logical, Mist

family game
family game

One rainy night, in a cave by the outskirts of the Land of the Dragon, a group of strangers planned a dangerous journey. Each for his or her own reason and opinion, yet they untied together in determination to slay the fierce dragon that had been perpetrating fear onto their land.

The brave adventurers, anxious to engage in combat… had no idea that their wishes were about to come true!

The evil creature had dispersed its smoke into the wind, and he was ready to invade the land with a flood of evil.

Those courageous mortal strangers knew that they may get lost in the snow and freeze to death, or sink into black blood, but this did not stop them. They set off into the darkness with victory glowing in their eyes…

With a twist of fate, against all odds… the heroic path opened. The fierce dragon and all the evil forces were conquered. Finally, peace was restored.

Many years later…an innocent traveler turned pale, when he spotted within the shadows of the mountains, the words 'This is Heropath', etched onto a bloody boulder…

Do you have what it takes to survive the path and be a hero? Play Heropath and to find out!

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