Agent Who


1960, the height of the Cold War, agents from various countries are gathering valuable intelligence, and paranoia is gripping every corner. Your agent has been assigned to gather information from the field and expose foreign agents.
Will they succeed in completing the task before their identity is revealed?

In the game, each player represents an Agent with a secret identity.
The goal is to uncover the Agent Codes of other Agents.

The players can perform several actions such as trying to guess the secret identity of other players or collecting clues from the area zone or trying to confuse and deceive others by showing them false evidence.

The player who can reveal more identities than the others will win the game.

Agent Who was built as a didactic game where you have to gather intelligence and draw conclusions while attempting to uncover classified information and hidden identities of elusive agents.

Agent Who is a social and entertaining card game that is easy to learn!
Intended for ages 12 +. Takes between twenty minutes and an hour per game.

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Eco: Coral reef is a fast and strategic tile-laying game, where players compete to advance their turtles toward the waterline, by seeking opportunities to complete missions and match corals to create the most beautiful reef together.

You will collect and place tiles containing watercolor illustrations of marine life, and the more preferable you can match the tiles together, you can earn more and more points.

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