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FREE MARKET: NYC  is a competitive and strategic board game based on the principles of a free market economy, presented from a humorous and ironic perspective of life, making it both a social and fun game! In this game, you will find yourself managing a group of people who work together in different assignments, aiming to grow their fortune according to your vision. Throughout the game, you will purchase merchandise at the auction, deliver goods to shops and factories, establish partnerships in shops and factories, or possibly take over other players' business and capital. You will also attend events, influence politics, win awards, and garner all kinds of influence to help your businesses, partnerships, and assets flourish as you move forward in the game. The trick is simple: buy when the market is low and sell when it's high to make the most profit before your opponents do. The most successful businessman wins the game. FREE MARKET is played with 2-5 players, ages 12+ and 90-180 minutes long. The rules booklet is in 6 languages, but the game board is completely multilingual. This game is not language dependent – since the game board itself is fully generic (multilingual), any player regardless of his other language can directly play this game, after a brief explanation.


By the mid-1930s, the United States was still struggling to squeeze its way out of the Great Depression. These difficult times were
characterised by hunger, crime, high unemployment, major wealth inequality, limited social mobility, and political strife that tested the fortitude of the American economy. The government intervened, establishing new economic policies, which eventual led to reviving free market principles. By the early 1940’s it had become apparent that the US had pulled itself up by its bootstraps, restoring a stable and growing economy defined by the opportunity that a free market provides. This game aims to mimic the spirit of the free market: To profit by investing, selling, trading, taking risks, paying attention to market trends, anticipating opponents’ strategy, cooperating with others, but also profiting from them as well, all in the spirit of making the most money.


The game consists of 4 rounds of play. In each of which you are responsible for managing a group of people working together in different assignments aiming to grow their fortune together. You will then have the option to invest in the stock market to further grow your assets, at your own risk of course, as well as a chance to participate in a fundraiser, attend events, influence politics, win awards, and garner all kinds of influence to help your businesses, partnerships and assets flourish as you move forward in the game.

One of the interesting aspects of the game is the emphasis on choice. Even at unexpected turns and twists, at any given moment
there is usually a wide array of decisions that can be made in response. Although all players begin at the same place, the often
beneficial options of playing in different zones and different actions, adds a layer of complexity to the game that makes it
unpredictable and further reinforces the value placed on optimal decision making. From management and worker assignments, to selling and delivering merchandise in the action zones, the ball is in your court. There are multiple ways to get the biggest piece of the pie. Whether through retail, partnerships, by owning infrastructure, acquiring others’ enterprises, making many small deals or few big ones, or some combination of them all; it is clear that the game accurately depicts the cutthroat and unexpected nature of a real life free market. By the end of the 4th game round, each player will calculate his total accumulated wealth and assets. It’s very simple: the wealthiest player wins the game. Attractive features & Innovations The Auction Phase

One of the attractive aspects in the game is the auction. The fully unrestricted gameplay of this feature, which relies on decision
making alone and doesn’t depend on a draw of a card or a roll of a die, adds a real element that creates endless possibilities and
tests the players’ risk evaluation skills. This phase contributes to the game atmosphere, adds a humorous element and enhances social interactions. Donation Tower The Donation Tower is an off-board element that brings the game an additional interesting value. Throughout the game, players contribute to the funds that are concealed within the tower. Alertness and timing are key. Wait until the sum is large, but don’t wait too long to grab it before others have the chance. Either you hit the jackpot or you waste your opportunity. Truck Design A creative feature is the innovative design of the truck that can physically carry workers into other areas of the board to overtake opponents’ businesses.


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