In this story, the heroes join together to eradicate evil forces from their land. Although heroes start the game together, they end
up each on their own path experiencing unique places, facing vicious monsters and struggling to gain power. The hero that obtains the most power will be the one to slay the dragon. Each hero will need to tactfully decide when to cooperate and when to be deceitful. As evil continues to rise throughout the game, the real competition is not against fellow heroes but rather the game itself.


In Heropath, 2-4 players (2-6 with both expansions) have a common goal: to be the first player to slay the Dragon! To have a chance of doing so, players first need to go on an adventure and explore the world. While exploring the world, players will discover enemies and unique 3D place sites. These are 3D triangular places of interest that are not visible at the start of the game (Fog of war). As in an RPG, players can interact with these place sites in different ways and use them to their advantage to level up their statistics, and purchase various cards. While exploring the board, the heroes will also encounter different enemies. It is not only the heroes that get stronger over the course of the game though. Also the enemies, and the Dragon too, get
stronger. This is called the Scale of Evil and it gives enemies a modifier depending on the number of enemies already collectively defeated by players. Players can also interact with each other. You can trade with each other, but you can also steal stuff, attack other players or even throw them in Goblin Prison! There is always the danger of the Dragon, flying across the world and scorching the Earth below. Are you brave enough to take on the Dragon in an epic battle? Challenge the Dragon and when you succeed, You win the game!


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